AeroCatch 120-2000 Hood Pins 120 Series Plus Flush Mount

AeroCatch 120-2000 Hood Pins 120 Series Plus Flush Mount

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Need hood pins that are functional and look good? If you don't like the old school design of hood pins that stick out, this plush mount hood pins by Aerocatch might be what you need for your aftermarket hood.

Flush Mount. These AeroCatch 120 Series Plus flush mount hood pin kits are lightweight, high strength, glass-reinforced thermoplastic housings that contain a hinged, spring-loaded stainless steel pin. The stainless steel pin engages with the included aluminum hood pin for a secure fit.

Plastic and Aluminum. Hood Pin Body Material is a Black Thermal Plastic while the Hood Pin Material is Red Anodized Aluminum.

Flush Mount Above Panel. These hood pin kits are are designed to be fitted from above the panel. You are provided a cardboard template for the proper cutting and drilling dimensions. The hood pins kits include two thermal plastic AeroCatch bodies, two nut fixing plates, two red aluminum strikes, two rubber bump stops, fastener kit, and arrow sticker set.

Get the clean look you want with this flush design hood pin kit. Made as a universal accessory and the hood pins are longer than standard (when comparing other standard hood pins or Shelby hood pins) in order to reach further for those needing the extra reach with the high aftermarket hoods.
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